Chinese translation services

High-quality Chinese translation in all Chinese dialects

Chinese translation

When you need to communicate with the Chinese-speaking world, choose our precise and efficient Chinese translation services provided by expert native-speaking translators. And when you need translations for a specific Chinese region, ask us to translate and localise in the relevant Chinese dialect, whether it be Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese or Wu Chinese.

Chinese document translation

We tailor our Chinese document translations to match your business sector, subject matter, document format and language combination. You receive accurate high-quality Chinese document translations to match your exact requirements.

Chinese website translation

When you’re doing business in the vast Chinese market, your online content needs to appeal to the Chinese consumer. Our specialist native-speaking translators localise web copy to appeal to your Chinese-speaking audience.

Chinese certified translation

As corporate members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, we can certify your Chinese translations for use in official and legal settings, including HMRC and visa applications. Non-business customers can order online.

Key Facts

  • Professional translations from experienced native-speaking Chinese translators

  • Corporate Members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

  • Chinese into English translations, English into Chinese translations, plus more than 100 other languages

  • Chinese translation services, Chinese interpreting solutions and Chinese voiceover services

  • Bespoke Chinese translations for your business sector

  • Specialist Chinese dialect translations in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Yuè dialects, Wu Chinese and others

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