Audio and visual communication in foreign languages

When you want your videos and recordings to speak to your international audience, we’ll provide you with complete foreign-language material that’s ready to go. From transcribing and translating your original script to choosing the perfect professional voiceover artist and recording your audio, we’ll work with you through the whole process.

Voiceover artists

Our highly-skilled voiceover artists clearly and accurately translate your audio into their mother tongues, while maintaining your particular brand style. Choose the artist whose accent, diction and tone you prefer.

Recording facilities

Overseen by a sound engineer and editor, your professional voiceover is recorded in high-tech digital sound studios. You will always receive the highest quality sound recording in the language you require.


Our voiceover team will help with post-production as much as you require. We’ll clean, edit and time-sync the audio back into your video file so it’s ready to publish in your target market.

Voiceover recording and video translation services in over 100 languages

A voiceover team for all your foreign-language multimedia needs

Stop going to separate agencies for transcription, translation, foreign-language recording and video editing. We provide complete voiceover services from start to finish, so you receive ready-to-publish foreign language video complete with high-quality sound. We’ll even transcribe your original script, and translate any on-screen text and graphics while we’re there.

  • Computer games voiceovers

  • Corporate video voiceovers

  • E-learning and educational video voiceovers

  • Marketing video voiceovers

  • Marketing video voiceovers

  • Promotional video voiceovers

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