Medical & pharmaceutical translation

Translating your specialist medical communications

Precise and professional language services for the medical world

We know how precise the medical and pharmaceutical industry needs to be. From research to testing, instrumentation to technology, and well-being to clinical surgery, our professional translators and interpreters will provide 100% accurate written and verbal communications in the language you require.

Expert medical translation

You can rely on our specialist team to provide you with consistent high quality translations. Alongside linguistic qualifications, our medical and pharmaceutical translators hold specialist formal industry qualifications. This ensures your niche and complex terminology is translated and understood with clarity and precision.

Professional medical interpreting

Reassure your foreign language-speaking patients during complex medical situations by verbally communicating to them in their language. Our interpreting team comprises approachable and professional linguists to provide you with precise, sensitive and budget-friendly interpreting solutions for all medical and business situations.

Esteemed clients from the medical & pharmaceutical sector

Our medical translation clients include Her Majesty’s Coroner, GlaxoSmithKline, Hamilton Medical and Pfizer.

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Your service has been very professional, and the quality of your translations is always very high. Thank you.

Hamilton Medical