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Supporting HR & recruitment teams with professional translation services

Need HR and recruitment translations at a moment’s notice? When you need quick turnaround on employment contracts, security checks and internal staff communications, our professional translators work their socks off to meet your deadlines. So you receive accurate, professional and timely translations of your recruitment and HR documents.

HR and recruitment document translation

From staff newsletters to criminal record checks and employment contracts, our native-speaking linguists translate your HR and recruitment documents. Whether it’s a pdf, Word doc or any other format, you receive a complete and precise translated version of the original document.

Certified translations for recruitment checks

When you need translations for use in official circumstances, we certify our work to state that it’s a true and accurate representation of the original. As members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, our certified translations are accepted by official, legal and government bodies.

Working with industry-leading organisations

We provide HR and recruitment translations for major corporations and businesses, including Flybe, Fyffes and Oxfam.

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We are more than happy with the service that we receive from Sure Languages. The turnaround is very prompt and at a competitive price, and customer service is excellent.

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Recruitment and HR translation services

We provide translations of recruitment checks, HR documentation and employer communications.

  • Criminal record checks

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee checks

  • Internal communications, newsletters & emails

  • Employment checks

  • Security signs

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