Professional interpreting services

Effective multilingual communication is critical for international business. Our highly-skilled linguists provide meeting, event and conference interpreting services in all major world languages.

Interpreting for meetings & events

When telephone interpreting isn’t enough and you need an interpreter in your meeting, we can help. We provide interpreters in all major world languages almost anywhere in the world. Contact the team for pricing.

Conference interpreting

At large-scale conferences – including UN and EU delegations – when there are a number of people requiring translation into various languages, the interpreter will sit in a sound booth and speak the translation to you through a headset.

Telephone alternative

If in-person interpreting is unnecessary or cost prohibitive, you could try telephone interpreting. Our strategic partnership with a global interpreting leader allows us to offer enterprise-level telephone interpreting services to our clients at just £1.50 + vat per minute.

Professional interpreting in all major world languages

Face-to-Face Interpreting

Our in-person interpreting is available almost anywhere in the world and in all major languages.

Our in-person interpreting is used for business meetings, conferences, events, legal interviews, ad hoc discussions, courts hearings, visiting delegations, and medical and police situations.

Prices vary depending on location and interpreter availability.

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Instant Telephone Interpreting

We provide enterprise-level telephone interpreting services, 24/7. Our typical connection time is 30 seconds.

This service is perfect for call centres, international phone support centres, NGOs, councils, law enforcement, housing associations, airlines, law firms, global corporations and SMEs

We charge £1.50 per minute for all languages (discounts available for high volume users).

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Our Clients

We help some of the world’s largest and most trusted brands with translation and interpreting.

Technology interpreting

Valeria (Sure Languages’ Interpreter) was excellent. We would be delighted to use her again for any future events of this kind.

University of Exeter
We work with global brands
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