Sure Languages is very happy to announce the launch of a new instant telephone interpreting service. We offer our clients the ability to dial a number and connect with a human interpreter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How amazing is that?!

Why telephone interpreting?

Face-to-face interpreting is great, but it’s not always necessary. Sometimes a telephone call is all you need. This is why we now offer our clients enterprise-level telephone interpreting.

Who can use it?

Any business that wants to communicate via telephone in a different language. From ad hoc calls to 24/7 call centres, we’ve got it covered.

Perfect for…

  • Call centres

  • Telephone support teams

  • Councils

  • Law enforcement

  • Hospitals and medical centres

  • Housing associations

  • NGOs

  • Airlines

  • Law firms

  • Large corporations

  • SMEs

  • any other business type

How does it work?

Step 1

Call the SL Telephone Interpreting number

Step 2

Enter your unique client access code

Step 3

Enter your language code. You’ll then be connected!

Which languages are available? 

Telephone interpreting is available in 140 languages. Contact us for a full list.

How long does it take to connect?

Usually within 30 seconds. Rarer languages can take a little longer.

How much does it cost?

£1.50 + vat per minute. Charging only starts when the interpreter has joined the call.

Is there a monthly contract?

There is no contract or minimum usage. We simply bill you for the amount of time you use.

How to start using our telephone interpreting service

Get in touch with the team to request your unique access code. We’ll give you full instructions and everything you need to start using the service. 

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