Case Study – McLaren

Creative marketing translation for this iconic British brand

Luxury supercars on a global stage

McLaren is a tour de force in the automotive industry. A hugely successful name in Formula 1, our work has been with McLaren Automotive, the supercar side of the business. With headquarters in the UK and dealerships all over the world, McLaren’s global marketing material covers a vast number of languages.


Sector: Automotive
Languages: UK English, US English, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Flemish, Swiss French, Swiss German
Services: Marketing translation, technical translation, creative translation, foreign-language typesetting, desktop publishing

The challenge

Looking to rival the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche with their own supercars, McLaren needed high-calibre translation of their global marketing materials to promote the brand internationally. Marketing their first large-scale car – the MP4-12C – was an essential step in this journey, and for this McLaren asked us to produce plush and consistent artwork across multiple languages. As the brand grew, further complex marketing translations came our way.

The solution

McLaren’s on-brand stylish communications and glossy brochures require highly-skilled creative typesetters and DTP experts. They need to rely on a strong translation and localisation team to ensure consistency and accuracy across each of their international target markets.

Multilingual desktop publishing

McLaren know what they want when it comes to the look and feel of their marketing materials, so creating ready-to-publish artwork in foreign languages for McLaren requires professional knowledge, years of experience and the right creative tools. Our skilled team of multilingual typesetters and designers have produced an array of foreign-language marketing brochures and car manuals for McLaren’s supercars, many in complex and right-to-left scripts.

Specialist marketing translators

As a brand, McLaren must promote a consistent global identity across its various markets. When translating marketing materials, only the most specialist linguists and localisation experts should be employed. Our professional marketing translators each excel at writing creative copy in their own language. McLaren’s targeted communications are perfectly adapted to each market by taking into account cultural and linguistic differences.

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